1. What is Silver Digital ID?

    What is the Silver Digital ID?

    6 out of 10 people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander from their home or care giving facilities!

    Silver Digital ID

    Over 5.3 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. One in eight people aged 65 and older endure this disease and an estimated 454,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. The total number of Alzheimer’s patients is predicted to nearly double every 20 years. Alzheimer’s destroys brain cells, causing memory loss and problems with thinking and behavior. It slowly and painfully takes away a person’s identify, ability to connect with others, think, eat, talk, walk and find his or her way home.

    Law enforcement points out that in a missing person situation rapidly distributing a current photo can be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search.  Should a person become lost or missing, the Silver® Digital ID can be printed or sent via email to the proper authorities.

    The Silver® Digital ID contains photos, medical information and current identification information. It is not only a must for Alzheimer’s patients; it is a valuable tool for every member of your family!

  2. Home-Organizer

    Home Organizer

    The Silver® Digital ID is included with the
    Home Organizer® software.

    Home Organizer® is a virtual filing cabinet used to store important documents and photos. It also includes the m.i.l.k.® Digital ID for children, the EARS® Digital ID for pets, a complete Home Inventory system, and a Reminder and Scheduler program.

    Home Organizer® turns your PC into a virtual filing cabinet with its familiar looking and easy-to-use drawer and folder interface. It is used for three primary reasons:

    ·         immediate retrieval of documents   ·         reduction of clutter     ·         disaster recovery

    Use Home Organizer® for filing tax records, wills, warranties, property records, investments, monthly bills, photographs, recipes, computer files, homework and other subjects of interest. Quickly file important records and then instantly retrieve them with a simple click of your mouse.

     View Product Overview                www.home-organizer.com

  3. What Should I do?

    What should I do?
    The following suggestions highlight important steps to take to insure you are ready if one of your loved ones becomes lost or missing.

    After installation of the Home Organizer®, select the Forms option from the toolbar and choose Silver® Digital ID. Complete the identification information along with their medical information. Then import 1 or 2 photos that show good facial features. Step-by-step instructions are included with the software.

    - A Silver Digital ID is vital for every family member over the age of 18! Use the m.i.l.k. Digital ID for family members under 18 years of age. –

    If a loved one is lost, IMMEDIATELY contact the local authorities. Let them know you can email a copy of the Silver® Digital ID to help start the recovery process.


    In a missing person’s alert you should, usually, include:

    1.    One or two  most recent photo(s) 

    2.    A detailed physical description  such as, height, weight, hair color, eye color and age

    3.    Other identifying characteristics such as, scar, birth marks or moles

                         4.   Information about any medical conditions or physical limitations 

    Silver® Digital ID helps you to manage this vital information so you don’t have to look for, organize, or put this all together during the time of your crisis.

    Utilize the Silver® Digital ID and create a highly visible and colorful MISSING PERSON ALERT FLYER. Load your printer with colorful paper and select Print from the tool bar options. Be sure the black text contrasts well with the paper color; you want people to be able to read the words at a distance.
    Post the MISSING PERSON ALERT FLYER throughout your community. We suggest telephone poles, other street structures, stores (grocery stores, drug stores, video stores, gas stations, etc.) and local park and recreational areas.
  4. How Can I get One?

     How can I get one?


    The Silver® Digital ID is a featured component of the Home Organizer® software. After installation of Home Organizer®, creating a Digital ID for all your loved ones is extremely quick and easy. Home Organizer® can be purchased online for $49.95 at www.home-organizer.com. You can also receive a copy of our Home Organizer Lite FREE of charge from one of our participating Distribution Partners.


    If you are interested in locating a Distribution Partner in your area or becoming a Distribution Partner, please select the Contact Us link and submit your information.